Benoît Carne
27 year old
16 rue du Cagire
31 100 Toulouse
+33 6 89 85 28 84

Software Engineer

Professional Experience

2014-01 → Today P3 Group, Software Engineer, TOULOUSE
Business Intelligence for Airbus A350 ESI Project

Development of a web service aimed at helping managers to monitor the engineering activities.
Design of web interface and SQL database management. Features provided: dynamic data tables, smart charts and project deliverables progress management.
Automation of database daily update from other Airbus tools extracts. Improvement of database architecture to optimize requests performances.
Achievements: reducing daily update time from 50 min to 5 min, writing generic and customizable modules avoiding code duplications

Environment: Windows, phpMyAdmin, mySQL, HIGHCHARTS.

2012-06 → 2013-12 P3|VOITH Aerospace, Software Engineer, TOULOUSE
Software Development & Maintenance for Airbus EGL Method and Tools Department

Responsible for IT tool maintenance in the aeroelastics domain. Main customer's technical contact for this tool.
Realization of cost estimations for change requests. Intervention on different phases of software development cycle (design → validation).
Took part to the technical answers to call for tenders.
Tool Owner activities for 4 months. Interface between key users, suppliers and IT infrastructure responsible people.
Development of an API allowing MATLAB/SIMULINK compiled codes to communicate in real time.


2011-04 → 2011-09 Continental Automotive, Internship, TOULOUSE

Development of energy management strategies (electrical et thermal) on hybrid vehicles.
Optimization of the strategies to reduce fuel consumption with equal performances.
Achievement: about 10% decrease in fuel consumption.

Environment: Windows, MATLAB/SIMULINK, AMESim.

2010-07 → 2010-08 University of Michigan, Internship, ANN ARBOR

High performance Heat Pipe modelling. Physical phenomena taken into account: 2D heat convection and diffusion, capillarity forces and meniscus recess, phase change.
Design of a program to solve the model using the FEM method and display results in 3D.

Environment: Windows, MATLAB, Adobe Illustrator.

Educational Training

2008-09 → 2011-09 ENSEEIHT, Engineering degree in Fluid Mechanics, TOULOUSE

Courses included: Computational Dynamics, FEM, Optimization Algorithms, Physical Modelling

2006-09 → 2008-07 Lycée Déodat de Séverac, Preparatory Class, TOULOUSE

Intensive courses in Maths and Physics for French engineering schools competitive entrance

IT Skills

Programming Languages

PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Python, Shell Scripting, C/C++, Perl, VisualBasic, HTML, CSS

Operating Systems

Linux, Windows

Software and Libraries


Language Skills


Native Speaker.


Highly Proficient. 2 month spent in the USA. TOIC score: 905.


Good level. 8 years of study and one month spent in Germany.

Area of Interest

Personal Server

Personal Server set up in 2011. Services included: web server, file server and mail server with webmail.
Runs on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS.


Daily meditation practice since 2010. Improves communication skills, stress management and creativity.


Table Tennis practice in competition. Team captain.


Practice of European and Persian calligraphy.